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Project Planning

The purpose of project planning is to facilitate communication and control by defining the means of delivering the products (the where and how, by whom, and estimating the when and how much).

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Project Name:
Maturity Model Rating For This Phase
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
Score 4
Score 5
Level 1 - Initial
• Methodology is not being adopted
• Uncontrolled
Level 2 - Managed
• Very Low adoption of methodology
• Very low level of control
Level 3 - Defined
• Low adoption of methodology
• Low level of control
Level 4 - Quality
• Good adoption of methodology
• Good level of control
Level 5 - Optimised
• Full adoption of methodology
• Under full control
Phase Analysis

Criteria Question Compliance Quality
Pre Planning activities
Is there a baseline project plan?
Are stages clearly defined?
Are there stage plans?
Are stage plans Consistent with the project plan?
Designing A Plan
Was a plan methodology defined? (Indicating planning approach,
levels of Plan, estimating techniques and approach to contingency allowances,
tool set to be used and major monitoring methods, and any relevant assumptions)
Defining And Analysing Products
Has a product based planning technique been used?
Is there a product breakdown structure?
Is there a product check list of key products?
Are there product descriptions?
Is there a product flow diagram?
Are there product descriptions to PRINCE2® standard format?
Are quality criteria explicit?
Are quality methods defined?
Are quality check skills defined?
Is it clear who delivers and accepts and checks the products?
Has each product description resulted in a documented configuration item record?
Are product descriptions subject for QA review?
Do assurance roles review product descriptions?
Are product descriptions reviewed and updated to reflect authorised changes?
Are product descriptions maintained under configuration management?
Identifying Activities And Dependencies
Is there a list of activities?
Have dependencies between activities and products been identified?
Have external project dependencies with activities and products been identified in the plan?
Have the major products, activities and resources been captured in the Project Plan?
Have estimating techniques and assumptions been identified?
Have activities been scheduled in the plan?
Have activates been assigned to individuals?
Has the schedule been updated to consider overutilization of resources (resource levelling)?
Have project control points been identified?
Have milestones been identified?
Has the production of management products been included?
Have project assurance activities been included in the plan?
Have the resources and costs been calculated and documented?
Analysing Risks
Have assumptions in the plan resulted in risks being documented in the risk log?
Have Risks associated with the plan been captured in the risk log?
Completing A Plan
Have all the planning products been consolidated into a single document?
Does the Project Plan use an acceptable format agreed by the Project Board (i.e. Gantt Chart, list of tasks)?
Approvals & Quality Assurance
Have the Plans (project or Stage) been subject to a documented QA Review?
Have the Plans (Project or Stage) been Approved by the Project Board
and authorisation given for the Project or Stage to proceed?
Is the baseline project plan subject to configuration control and management?
Is the current project plan up to date?
Are time driven Project Check Point Reviews defined in the project plan?
Does the plan include management products?
Does the plan include project specialist products?
Does the plan include QA review schedule?
Does the plan include key communication activity?
Are event driven Project Check Point Reviews defined in the project plan?
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