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MP - Managing Product Delivery

The purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process is to control the link between the Project Manager and the Team Manager(s), by placing formal requirements on accepting, executing and delivering project work.

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Managing Product Delivery (MP)
Project Name:
Maturity Model Rating For This Phase
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
Score 4
Score 5
Level 1 - Initial
• Methodology is not being adopted
• Uncontrolled
Level 2 - Managed
• Very Low adoption of methodology
• Very low level of control
Level 3 - Defined
• Low adoption of methodology
• Low level of control
Level 4 - Quality
• Good adoption of methodology
• Good level of control
Level 5 - Optimised
• Full adoption of methodology
• Under full control
Phase Analysis

Criteria Question Compliance Quality
Accepting A Work Package
Have work packages been documented?
Do work package documents conform to PRINCE2® standards?
Have work packages been authorised?
Have the team managers accepted work packages?
Are reporting requirements explicit?
Has the method for quality assurance for each product/deliverable been defined?
Have the Configuration Item Records been updated?
Has a team plan been created that demonstrates that the work package could be
completed within agreed tolerances?
Are risks and issues recorded?
Executing A Work Package
Are team plans relevant to work packages?
Are quality logs updated with details of quality checks?
Are quality assurance checks aligned to product description, quality criteria and methods?
Are checkpoint meetings documented?
Are there work package progress reports?
Delivering A work Package
Has product acceptance and handover been documented?
Has configuration item records been updated to reflect completion and handover of the products?
Have lessons learnt log entries been recorded at completion?
Is work package completion documented?
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