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CS - Controlling A Stage

The purpose of the Controlling a Stage process is to assign work to be done, monitor such work, deal with issues, report progress to the Project Board, and take corrective actions to ensure that the stage remains within tolerance.

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Controlling A Stage (CS)
Project Name:
Maturity Model Rating For This Phase
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
Score 4
Score 5
Level 1 - Initial
• Methodology is not being adopted
• Uncontrolled
Level 2 - Managed
• Very Low adoption of methodology
• Very low level of control
Level 3 - Defined
• Low adoption of methodology
• Low level of control
Level 4 - Quality
• Good adoption of methodology
• Good level of control
Level 5 - Optimised
• Full adoption of methodology
• Under full control
Phase Analysis

Criteria Question Compliance Quality
Authorising Work Package
Has authorisation to proceed been given from the project board?
Have work packages been documented?
Have product descriptions been updated and used to create work packages?
Have configuration item records been updated?
Have the issue and risk logs been updated?
Have the major products of a plan and key dates of their delivery been updated (Product Check list)?
Has the quality log been updated?
Has the stage/exception plan been updated?
Assessing Progress
Are there checkpoint meetings?
Are the checkpoint meetings in the project plan?
Are checkpoint meetings documented?
Are risk, issue, quality logs and stage plans updated?
Capturing Project Issues
Are project issues recorded?
Are all significant Issues recorded?
Examining Project Issues
Are key issues used to update the lessons learned log?
Are the risks that caused issues recorded in the risk log?
Reviewing Stage Status
When there was a plan deviation was it identified in the controlling a stage process?
Where there was a tolerance threat was it identified in the controlling a stage process?
Is stage status reflected in highlight reports?
Has the impact of any new or revised risks been undertaken (on the Business Case, Stage Plan or the Project Plan)?
Reporting Highlights
Are highlight reports produced?
Do they reflect checkpoint reports over the reporting period?
Do they reflect plan deviations and tolerance threats?
Have highlight reports been reviewed by the project board?
Have reports been sent to other stakeholders identified in the communications plan?
Do highlight reports meet PRINCE2® standards?
Taking Corrective Action
Has the project board been approached for advice?
Has the project board given advise on taking corrective action?
Has the issue log been kept up to date?
Escalating Project Issues
Have exception reports been issued to the project board?
Have exception reports been approved by the project board?
Have exception plans been requested by the project board?
Has advise been sought from the project board before submission of exception plans?
Have exception plans been sent to the board?
Receiving Completed Work Package
Have work package status been reported?
Are quality log entries completed for the work package?
Have acceptance been documented from product recipients?
Have configuration item record for delivered products been updated to completed?
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