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CP - Closing a Project

The purpose of the Closing a Project process is to provide a fixed point at which acceptance for the project product is confirmed, and to recognize that objectives set out in the original Project Initiation Documentation have been achieved (or approved changes to the objectives have been achieved), or that the project has nothing more to contribute.

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Closing a Project (CP)
Project Name:
Maturity Model Rating For This Phase
Score 1
Score 2
Score 3
Score 4
Score 5
Level 1 - Initial
• Methodology is not being adopted
• Uncontrolled
Level 2 - Managed
• Very Low adoption of methodology
• Very low level of control
Level 3 - Defined
• Low adoption of methodology
• Low level of control
Level 4 - Quality
• Good adoption of methodology
• Good level of control
Level 5 - Optimised
• Full adoption of methodology
• Under full control
Phase Analysis

Criteria Question Compliance Quality
Decommission A Project
Is notification of project end documented?
Is operational and maintenance acceptance documented?
Is customer acceptance documented?
Has a project closure recommendation note been sent by the project board
to stakeholders notifying of intent to close the project?
Identifying Follow-on Actions:
Are there follow-on-action recommendations ?
Do recommendations take account of residual risks, issues and the lessons learnt log?
Is there a post project review plan?
Does the post project review plan show the benefits which are
expected in accordance with the business case?
Does the post project review plan show how and when benefit measurement can be undertaken?
Has the project plan been updated with actuals and follow on actions tasks?
Does the post project review plan show the date for the post project review report?
Does the post project review plan show the resource plan to ensure expected
benefits are measured, reported & have been realised?
Does the post project review plan show the report whether products
have caused any problems during their use?
Project Evaluation Review
Is there an end project report?
Is there an evaluation of the baseline PID against the actual project delivery?
Does the end project report summarize lessons and follow-on action recommendations?
Approvals & Quality Assurance
Have the end project report and post project review plan been subject to a documented
quality assurance Review?
Were assurance roles included in the review of documents?
Have the end project report and post project review plan been approved by the project board?
Has the project board confirmed closure of the project?
Has a closure notification been issued by the project board?
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